Friday, May 25, 2007

Big XII Football Coaches in the Hot Seat

disco tech! takes a look at which Coaches in the Big XII are in the hot seat.

1. Franchione - Losses against Miami, Tech, UT, and OU will spell doom. Throw in an early season loss against Fresno State (very much a possibility), and you might as well stick a fork in him.

2. GuyMo - Not necessarily his last chance, but they need to start showing some real improvement fast.

3. Mark Mangino - Kansas seems to find a way to lose the games they ought to be winning.

4. Gary Pinkel - Can't seem to make it over the hump even in a weak North Division.

5. Bill Callahan
- At Nebraska, if you're not competing for Big XII Championships (and thus, a BCS spot), you're a failure. 7 win seasons won't keep the Corn Farmers happy.

6. Ron Prince
- K-State fans have not warmed up to having him yet. Bill Snyder had to ask everyone to give him a chance last year. It's hard to follow a legend.

7. Mike Leach
- Stubborness can be a turn off for some (as well as flirting with the Miami job this offseason), but job is relatively secure.

8. Mike Gundy
- OSU's "Golden Boy" Head Coach, so he's not going anywhere soon.

9. Gene Chizik
- Combination of apathy by the fans and his "newness" gets him at least 5 years to show them what he's got.

10. Dan Hawkins
- Hard core fans still believe this could be their guy. They'll be a real threat in 2 or 3 more years once he starts bringing in his own athletes

11. Mack Brown
- He'll be fine as long as he beats OU, doesn't lose to A&M or Tech more than 2 years in a row, and as long as they compete for Big XII titles yearly.

12. Bob Stoops - Subject to change pending OU's punishment from the NCAA and findings from the investigation... but we're talking about a school that still idolizes Barry Switzer.

- Cabron

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pesn1157 said...

Dan Hawkins is an overated, self righteous blowhard. He won games in the mediocre WAC and CU gave him a job to "clean up" their program. I don't remember Gary Barnett keeping a player on the team that had a hand in the deaths of an entire family. The only regret I have is Texas A& M can't play against him every year,we could use the win. His stay in Boulder will be short and sweet and if BSU head coaches track records are consistent, they will wallow in mediocrity and he can go back to small college or div. 1 - AA.