Tuesday, May 22, 2007

dallas selected for super bowl xlcclvbci (I think its 45) texas tech/big 12 championship to follow?


I say keep tech at home unless its a one or two year deal with a decent ooc opponent or a school that we traditionally play shitty at home and away (ie oklahoma state) if they are doing it, it better be at jerry world because the cotton bowl is a dump no matter how much laura miller wants to dress it up and I dont care how nostalgic the state fair is, the only people who should be excited about that are 10 or carnies.

Im more nostalgic for seeing a game on campus, never been much of a neutral site game fan despite some of the longer running ones (red river shootout, largest outdoor cocktail party etc)

so go sports and keep tech in lubbock even though Im more likely to go to a game in dallas than there. my memories of watching tech in dallas consist of being molested by usc and watching a deflated kickball looking game winning fg at the hands of alabama. so youll have to excuse me if Im not jumping to play there.

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