Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My Favorite Aggy joke.

Why are they the butt of all jokes?
Because it is tradition.

That wasn't my favorite joke, but I thought I would throw a little jab in there off the cuff. For those of you that don't know, Texas A&M is a sad little group of mechanized robots that used to have personalities. They congregate in College Station and think that they are better than you regardless of where you go to school, but especially if you are a Red Raider. Everything is also a tradition down there, even testicle grabbing. I do believe that taking a crap is a tradition that they only do at A&M and not anywhere else. I know that throwing crap is one of their newest traditions.

Now my favorite aggy joke that will make my beloved Red Raiders of Texas Tech feel good. It is a classic, but if you haven't heard it I think that you will really appreciate this joke.

How do you keep an aggy from masturbating?
Paint his cawk red and black and he will hardly ever beat it.

Okay, I am sure that many of you have already heard that joke and I am sure that some "smarter than me aggy" will take it upon himself to point out the correct time frame to use that joke. It would be when the Red Raiders beat them in football for a consecutive number of years. So the real answer to that joke is:

Paint his cawk red and black and he won't beat it for "X" number of years.

Right now it would be two years and I am sure that we Red Raiders will be using that joke for the rest of time. If you are from a different school you can insert your own colors and your own rival and you have an instant classic, but only if you own your rival in sports like the Red Raiders own the aggies.

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