Tuesday, May 22, 2007

24 Finale and Season Recap

Even Bond J. Bond has heroes.

No, not the TV show "Heroes" nimrod....real live heroes. TV Land heroes anyway. No........not Wally from TV Land Network. ARGGGGGGH!

Back to Jack Bauer...

Let's begin with the bodycount:

1. Best Friend, Curtis. Check.
2. Brother, Dr. Romano. Check.
3. Father, Creepy Phillip. Check? Anyone but me think that he hopped on that boat and rode away? Anyone but me see this as not quite clear enough - we never saw the man die!!!
4. Techie, Milo. Check.
5. Former President Logan. Check. And no one was happier than Mrs. Moneypenny.

Gredenko is still out there I suppose, although his leg prolly tingles a bit. And Cheng has promised some sort of Chinese Triple Delight because of his capture.

And Jack is left standing on a cliff - and yes - he thought about jumping.

Who wouldn't when they were left to consider what the spawn of Chloe and Morris might look like....yeesh.

Still, a pretty bad day for Jackson - his hands still badly need some Neutrogena (although the makeup team must have gotten tired of making his hands look so bad as the season wore on, because I didn't notice the chapping so much in the later episodes, though he could have just gotten himself some Palmolive back at CTU I guess) - and his favorite girl is seriously not in the mood.

From where I sit, Mr. Bauer needs to get himself some rest and a new address before he's off to save the colonies one more time...

And from what will he save us from you ask?

Let's also recap the terrors we've been rescued from over the years...

1. Bio Terror
2. Nukes (a couple of times)
3. A Nixon look-alike
4. Middle Eastern Terrorists
5. American Terrorists
6. Powers Booth's bad acting

You might have to help me out recalling others...I think there is one bad guy still out there...he was on some boat in the Med a few years ago - Dr. Romano, I mean, Graem was talking with him on a cell phone at the very end of Season 4 (I think).

Have a great summer Jack Bauer - maybe you should try Hawaii.

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lank thompson said...

you forgot about kim being chased by a cougar and also being locked in a bomb shelter with johnny drama. shes seen more terror in the 4 seasons and 5 episodes she was in than this country could ever fathom.

this season was the weakest since day 2 and while not as comically silly as that one, it was just inflated with useless dramatic plotlines, an excessive need to pair characters up romantically and jack being a gaping vagina for the majority of the season. the only thing that could have salvaged the whole thing is if alfonso ribiero guest starred and rode around ctu on a train.

I did like the literal 'cliffhanger' at the end and despite the 24 hours of garbage Ive endured since january, I am looking forward to next season. rumor is that the whole cast is getting revamped and some new angles are being explored for the next season (multiple cities, not quite the super crazy over the top terrorist plots etc)

its an entertaining show but I cant figure otu if they just tried to hard this season or didnt try enough.

24 season rankings after last nights finale:

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day 4
day 5
day 6
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