Sunday, May 27, 2007

Mike Leach - A Compendium

In no particular order, these are links to articles and videos that are central to the quirkiness that is Coach Leach.

I hope that this blog will be able to keep y'all up to date on many more of these - and for many more years...

1. Mike Leach does the weather

2. Michael Lewis publishes a NYTimes Magazine story on Coach Leach...

Mike Leach Goes Deep, Very Deep NYTimes Mag 12/4/2005 by Michael Lewis

The fellas that wrote Freakonomics also had some comments about Mr. Lewis' article here:

Freakonomics Blog by Steven Levitt 12/4/05

NOTE about the above link - I think Levitt and most of the folks commenting on the story miss the point of the article. Much like Moneyball, Lewis is writing about teams that do more with less. The point is really that Tech doesn't compete well on the recruiting trail but still hangs with these big programs (although that was somewhat true in the Spike Dykes years as well).

And lastly, EDSBS did an interview with Michael Lewis one year later where he further responds to the article...EDSBS December 6, 2006 Interview (Part 2) w/ Michael Lewis (Q&A on Leach starts about 2 Qs down from the pic of Ed Orgeron).

Another NOTE here: If I'm not mistaken, the "Mike Leach's Pirate School Tees were created by poster "Mr. Football")

3. This was my first "No he DI - INT!" moment with coach Leach - and you can't really be in on it unless you've read all of the material in the links provided in #2.

4. Mike Leach calls Trump - real craziness ensues...Whirlwind Week for Mike Leach Lubbock A-J December 11, 2005 by Don Williams

Not too much to report here............pretty self explanatory.

5. Mike Leach gets emotional at the Insight Bowl...

This may be one not many of you have seen - and while I curse the NFL network for picking up this game so that I couldn't see it, I thank them for keeping the link available and the entire game on their server.

Here's the link to the QuickTime files: Insight Bowl 2006

What you want to do is click on the link to "Overtime" - then as it allows you to, advance to exactly 10:00 (minutes). The announcer will throw it to Alex Flanagan (yummy) on the field with Coach Leach....aww Coach, you had me at "Arrrrrrrrr."

6. The guys at The Forums have compiled a list of Mike Leach quotes over the years...and guess what - I don't have it!

But in the Classics Forum there is this: I sat next to Mike Leach on the airplane - quality stuff!

EDIT (Thanks to Bob Knight's Eyebrows):

7. Mike Leach calls in to the Williams and Hyatt show Feb 15, know, Spaghetti Westerns, we don't need halftime, rat turds vs. elephant know, regualr stuff...

So here's the thing - if anyone has that list of quotes - e-mail us at the blog: discotechblog AT gmail DOT com - and I'll get them up ASAP and give you all the credit in the world and.............absolutely no compensation! It'll be grrrrrrrrreat!

And if I missed anything - feel free to let us know!

Happy Memorial Day weekend everybody!

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