Friday, June 29, 2007

While you have your credit card out...

(Pic above HT to TTDaddy of the forums)

I have to pimp a product that I absolutely believe in, that I love and that I use frequently. A product my wife is envious of and cautions me not to overuse because it causes her to become jealous. I whip it out when I'm bored and press a few buttons and "Shazaaaam!" I'm in ecstasy, a feeling that can only be replicated by the real thing IYKWIMAITYD.

Red Raider Replay is the absolute greatest thing to happen to me since the interwebs.

Our beloved Red Raider Football squad isn't on TV every weekend and where I live it can be hard to catch them on the radio as well (insert your comment about Sirius radio here).

So the Harvard of the High Plains prints a DVD with pre and post-game material, cuts out the freaking commercials completely (Hooray Beer!) and even includes the video of the Goin' Band from Raiderland kickin' it. We never lose halftime - ain't it great?

All you have to do is go HERE...put it on your card and tell your wife that you made a donation to the Thompson Hall reconstruction project because that girl you met that night at Midnight Rodeo gave you the clap and you owe them at least this much. Then go into debt and file bankruptcy...but at least you'll still have Michael Crabtree to keep a smile on your face.

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