Friday, June 1, 2007

Josh Bard Gone Wild!

San Diego Union Tribune Friday June 1, 2007

Cameron led off the 11th with his fifth homer, a drive into the right-field seats off reliever Josh Sharpless (0-1), making his third appearance since being called up from the minors. Josh Bard followed two pitches later with another drive that appeared to reach the right-field seats for his second homer.

Bard took his home run trot and put his catching gear back on, only to have Joe West's umpiring crew reverse the call after Pirates manager Jim Tracy successfully argued the drive struck a thin metal railing above the right-field wall and did not leave the park.

The reversal changing it to a double caused Bard to race off the bench and start yelling at the umpires – a burst of anger similar to that by Kansas City's George Brett when he lost a 1983 homer against the Yankees when too much pine tar was detected on his bat. Bard chased the umpires from second base to first, getting ejected along the way by plate umpire Ed Rapuano, and Padres manager Bud Black also was ejected for arguing.

“The ball was clearly in play,” West said. “We signaled a little too quickly, but when we got together we all realized the right call wasn't a home run.”

After reviewing video tape, Bard and Black realized that, too.

“I ran around the bases, I thought it was a home run,” Bard said. “My intent wasn't to go out and go after anybody. But after looking at the video, they got the call right. I made a mistake.”

Video of Josh's Charge of the Light Brigade here at the "Worldwide Leader" errrr the Four Letter

So now Josh must sing "I'm sorry" 50 times and hope that the league won't suspend him for bumping into the ump...good luck Josh, you're cooked.

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