Saturday, June 2, 2007


In the early hours of a lazy Saturday morning what do you think about? You think about beer because you either drank a ton of it the night before and you can still smell the cigarettes and stale beer in head or you didn't drink and are thinking about what you will do that evening that will include beer. Since I am cheery this morning and have had about twelve pots of coffee I will give you my rundown on beer. It might seem like more a rant, but so what.

First off, I like every beer that was ever made. I don't care what kind of beer it is. If someone puts a cold one in my hand I will partake in the infamous beverage without any regards for what brand is on the label. It doesn't matter if I just met someone two minutes or ten years ago if they drink beer they are probably very similar to me in attitude. I will still take their free beer with great appreciation and likely pay them back in the near future.

Next, I think that this has been stated on the internet before, but for some reason I can keep a running total of how many beers my friends have given me and how many beers I owe them. Okay maybe not, but you know how the circle of beer works. Eventually you will get paid back for all of the beer that you have given out. You can count on it. I bet that when everyman dies his beer debt sits exactly at zero. It is one of the wonders of the world. At least it should be.

Beer snobs drive me up the freakin wall. I hate it when I am drinking a cold American light beer that is tantalizing and refreshing and some guy has to come up to me and call my beer weasel piss. He doesn't know if I just got done mowing the yard and want something light on the pallet. I don't care if you have tried four hundred and thirty four different beers throughout the world and I don't really need you to comment on what I am drinking. I am drinking what I have because I like that beer. I am not opposed to going with an occasional micro brew or something of the nature, but we all have our beer staples and we should not criticize others about the beer that they drink or what they put in their beer to drink it. I know that drinking a Coors Light Gato(over ice with lime and salt) seems a little feminine, but I am sure that person enjoys the hell out of their beer that way.

Given the beer snob comment I would like to say that any person who will only drink one kind of beer needs to liven up a little bit. Try something new and you just might like it. You wouldn't want to have sex in the same position for the rest of your life so go out and have yourself a different beer from time to time. Beer is pretty much right below sex on the greatness scale. Hell, even throw in a vodka tonic or something to change the pace a little bit.

Next time you are drinking your preferred beverage sit back and reflect on how wonderful a product beer is. Have a happy beer drinking summer.

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lank thompson said...

oooooo I hate those people. >: