Sunday, June 10, 2007

Buffs get new unis - #26's hair says "Hi!"

(Click to get a bigger image of #26's hair-greeting)

For you uniform junkies out there - there will be a new look for the Buffs this year - good to see Dan Hawkins is serious about moisture wicking...

The revolutionary changes involve new age fabrics and materials that will benefit the players during game conditions. From a design standpoint, incorporating one of the official school colors, silver, back into the uniform for the first time since 1981 was one of the main components of the makeover. Overall, it will make for a faster looking, modern design.

As long as they look faster, that's the key...

Of course I should shut my mouth, they layed a beatdown on us last year and revealed that our team wasn't at all mentally tough...but this is uniform smack, y'all!!!

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Bob Knight's Eyebrows said...

Looks like they are going the way of all the Nike teams out there...I'm glad we have our own identity with UA.

...and are those white panels on the hips? Weird.