Sunday, June 24, 2007

Josh Bard is nothing but trouble

About that home run ...: San Diego was leading 2-0 with Mike Cameron on second when Bard hit a pitch off the foul pole in the left field corner and hopped out of the batter's box. He then threw up his hands in disbelief after third base umpire Brian Knight ruled it a foul ball. After Padres manager Bud Black argued the call, the umps huddled and Bard was given the home run. Red Sox manager Terry Francona came out and spoke with crew chief Dana DeMuth, then vented on Knight and got tossed.

So when he finally does get the call, the opposing manager goes postal. "You #@$%$#& aren't being consistent!" Francona was heard screaming..."You umps should know that when he hits a homer you make sure you send him back to his dugout! What's going on here?"

Josh Bard did show some restraint last night, but you have to figure that for about 2 minutes there he was ready to hand in his MLBPA card and go home.

Good job Josh - I love it when you send the opposing manager to the showers...especially Francona.

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