Monday, January 21, 2008

Only if you really love us...

It has been our pleasure to bring to you a Texas Tech blogging experience. We hope that our readers like us so much that they would throw a good word in for us as the 2007 College Football Blogger Awards kick off.

Rocky Top Talk is the clearinghouse for all of these awards - and in case you didn't know - they're kind of a big deal.

Take a peek at the 2006 Awards - their nominees and the eventual winners.

I won't be nominating us. I feel like that would be a little crass. Although some of you are wondering right now "Well if that's the case why is he bringing these awards up at all?" Well Mr. Smarty, I'm bringing it up in the hopes that there's a Red Raider out there that wants us to win an award.

By the way...I think our very own Ignatius J. Reilly should at least get nominated for the "Jenn Sterger's Rack Award" (Best Photoshop or gag post of the year) for his following efforts:

UT Football: Recruiting Champions

Job Options for Coach Fran

Everybody Loves Fran

Texas Tech Wins the MNC

Our all too infrequent contributor "yar" wrote our best piece to date - and incredible read on the Texas Tech/Texas A&M rivalry that is Pulitzer quality. Please Baby Jesus would somebody send this in for the "Tyrone Prothro and His Amazing Catch Award."

Drinking With Boris Yeltsin (Texas A&M Preview post)

Cabron Guey created a great .gif for us:

I has a hat!

As for DiscoTech! I think our best shot to be recognized on this stage would be in the "Best New Blog" category.

Myself, I think I'm certainly going to throw a nomination in the hat for "Best Big 12 Blog." I'll be nominating Seth at Double T Nation. I'm continually amazed at the work that guy puts into his blog. Remarkable work from a guy that I also happen to like.

Thanks for your time.

We always appreciate you dropping by.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the kind words, I am humbled.

I couldn't agree more that DT! needs to win one or more of those categories. So much good work is done here.

Anonymous said...

Oops. The above comment was me.

-Seth C
Double T Nation

Anonymous said...

I'd like to nominate the Lady Raider section of Raid-it-power dot com as the worst blog section in America. There's a guard dog on it named double t something who jumps on any one with a negative tone like a duck on a june bug. Her response when Tech sux is "go fight win. rah rah rah. two bits, four bits" blah blah blah blah yada yada.

Winston said...

I used to have relations with that cheerleader in the black and white photo. Very nice.

Anonymous said...

Was the cheerleader in B&W photo named Rhonda?

Winston said...

That great looking cheerleader is the green eyed Rhonda Gene Lewis. 5'9" tall, she was the best looking girl in Lubbock and in the Southwest conference for that matter.

Winston said...

Where did you get the picture of Rhonda?

Anonymous said...

Worst Tech blog by far is Ryan Hyatt. Dumb and boring.