Thursday, January 17, 2008

Congrats to Bobby Knight

Steve "I wish I was a Lehman Brothers Wall Street type" Lavin:

Coach Knight's Post-Game Presser:

Really, this game ws pretty cool - I was away from the house for the first half - came home at halftime and turned on the TV...

I passed out for a few minutes after I saw the score, my wife revived me by throwing some bourbon on my face and I was as good as new.

I watched the lead drop as the second half began and did my best simulation of our play whilst on the loo...

Came back to the tube and both the Red Raiders and my digestive tract were once again in perfect harmony.

Then Coach Knight gave the crowd a jab - which they deserved - but which Coach Knight will take some abuse for. Hey - the truth hurts sometimes. Like when I go to the amusement park and try to ride the rides and they tell me I can't because my head still fits under Mickey's hand...

900 wins, it turns out, puts you in the company of two women - a dream situation for any red blooded male Raider - except for somebody they call "barbossa".

DT! The Georgia Tech Scout bbs discussed Tulsa dropping us from their schedule - for like a minute - but it's worth a peek.

DT! In other message board madness - I've realized that if Aggies were to dedicate all the hours they spend telling Texas Tech folks how superior they are to us they could have made a Tahoe that runs on maroon watermelons by now. Instead they don't realize that that they have become a lol factory.

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