Monday, January 28, 2008

The love for Wes grows

I'm not a journalist - as you can tell - I barely write at all....sorry.


The Wes Welker story is popular - and so often written about because it's the ultimate David against Goliath story.

The small man with the big talent and even bigger heart faces unsurmountable odds and yet comes out victorious. But only after he's pictured at age 4 with his pet bunny, Thumper. I guarantee a call from Wes to his mom today:

"Ma, why the hell did you give them that picture?"

"It's cute son, you loved that bunny."

"You understand I'm gonna have bunny stickers all over my locker tomorrow, right?"

"It won't be the worst thing that's ever happened to you, Wes."

And once again Ma will be right and Wes will beat back bunnies and win a Super Bowl ring. Wes Welker is unstoppable. Maybe he can even join Timmy Smith and come home with a Super Bowl MVP trophy.

Sparky look-alike Elizabeth Merrill of ESPN with the article HERE.


ayleein said...

How that the bunny picture even made it into the story baffles me. In interviewing the Welkers, the writer must have just picked out the least NFL-esque photograph she could find of him.

"Wes Welker is a bad ass."
"But he had a bunny named 'Thumper.'"

MightyRedRaider said...

Timmy didn't win, but should have won the MVP.

The first black QB in the SB won the MVP that year for the Redskins.

TS set the record for rushing yards.