Sunday, January 6, 2008

ESPN - please can Lee Corso

To quote a friend of mine that put this nicely - because this sort of a PG-13 blog:

"Corso is a dumb monkey."

1. Harrell wears the number 6 - not the number 15.
2. Texas Tech has won 4 of their last 5 bowl games (I have no idea what Virginia Tech's recent bowl record was going into the Orange Bowl was) even though Corso clearly meant Texas Tech - he got his tongue caught on Virginia Tech's penis or something. After all, if it's a college football game on ESPN, odds are Virginia Tech is a participant.

So anyhow - here's Desmond Howard's visit with Michael Crabtree as presented on College Gameday on New Year's morning...


Sunshine Scooter said...

You can say "Penis" in a PG-13 blog?

Anonymous said...

Corso doesn't have a clue. Even my brother who cares nothing for college football looked up from reading the paper and said, "Who is that doofuss?" pointing to Corso. Replace him with someone who doesn't have East Coast written on his chest. Kornheiser, yikes, how did that guy ever make the network sports?

Bond J. Bond said...

scooter - you just did

Anonymous said...

Corso is a pathetic as raiderpowerdotcom where you can't say anything negative or guard dog moderator-weenies like
DblT81 and zorro axe you.