Monday, February 4, 2008

Nothing to be ashamed of

A couple of notes from last night's Super Bowl...

Wes - had the Patriots won - would have been the MVP of the game. Any person who watches football knows that would have been the case. Wes was the only guy open on most of the plays the Pats ran - and he made the most of every ball thrown to him.

But he wasn't the MVP - Eli was. Lank Johnson told me last night he couldn't believe the other sister won that game - but he did.

I can't even imagine how much money casino operators raked in last night - I imagine a couple of them are near liver failure this morning.

In Tech news - National Signing Day is near - we hope to have a recruiting wrap-up posted this week - we welcome all of you guys to Tech with open arms. We hope you find the women to be hospitable and equally as talented as you...

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