Sunday, November 18, 2007

Why my mouth is dry and my burps taste like whiskey

I woke up this morning.

That's a start. Trust me.

I started in on a new bottle last night just about the time "The Donald" was announcing our offense. You know, right after the interception that GH threw, not 5 (or so) plays into the game.

I figured, well if it's going to go down like this - I'm going to be drinking.

Soon after, the drinks to numb my pain turned into celebratory pours of the bottle. That my friends, is what it's like to be a Texas Tech football fan. One moment you're looking for painkillers, the next minute you're screaming in joy. I think we're all going to need some counseling after this season.

It should come as no surprise that this Texas Tech team contributed to a record that typifies not only our season, but the national college football scene also. Now that an all-time record 11 teams who had been ranked in the top 5 have fallen to unranked teams, it's only fitting that Texas Tech would figure into another record.

Before we get too much further along in the discussion of records being broken - let's be sure not to forget Alex Trilica who locked up the all-time XP scoring record last night with 227 XPs in his career at Tech - and further extended his consecutive XP streak as well. Even more impressive was Trilica's resurgence as a long distance threat, again.

Now some thoughts on the game -

DT! Tech needs to play with a lead. Their offense needs it and their defense requires it. It's why we want the ball to start every game - and why I was shocked to see Tech oversome a deficit to start the game and get back on track - it was the first time I can recall against any of our better opponents that we were hit in the jaw - and hit back.

DT! What happened to Anthony Hines? Lost in all of the unfortunate OU injuries was Hines being helped off with what looked like a tore-up knee. :gunsup

DT! Anyone wondering why Aaron Crawford is starting over Shannon Woods? For the first time since Hendo I saw a Tech back *gasp* shedding tackles and fighting off tacklers instead of falling down at the first sign of trouble. I think this kid is going to be good for the program.

DT! Not to throw water on the fire, but there was some stuff that we did that frustrated me. At :34 seconds to go in the 3rd quarter Parker intercepts Halzle. The score is 34-13 at the time - a three touchdown/possession game. We have the ball at OU's 7 yard line. We are a passing team, I get it...but RUN THE FREAKING BALL! If they stuff us, so what? March Alex out there - take the free 3 points and make it a 4 possession game - and run some more ticks off the clock! Leach needs to take a class in game management. The next time we get the ball we can throw the ball all over the sandlot - but when you consider all the factors - 3 straight running plays is the better call.

DT! E.J. Holub was awesome on TV - he's the granddaddy of Texas Tech Football. It's good to see him healthy and looking well.

DT! I thought Danny Amendola's mom was hot - and I thought she witnessed the moment that her son would be tragically paralyzed. Luckily, her son is a tough kid with extremely good flexibility in is cervical spine. Thanks to ttuchieffresh for the pic.

DT! Can somebody get Sam Bradford some Accutane or some Proactiv? Help a brotha out, please.

DT! Harrell my man - let's work on figuring out why so many of your balls are getting knocked out of the air.

DT! The whole offense played well in the first half, but has yet to demonstrate that they can make adjustments and dominate for an entire 4 quarters. I think the youth of the team is the direct cause of that - but think that the offensive line not giving up any sacks was huge.

DT! Looks like it will either be the Konica Minolta Gator Bowl in Jacksonville or the Valero Alamo Bowl in San Antonio. It's still a little to early to tell, but we want to beat the best team available - wherever that might be. You can keep up with ESPN's bowl projections here. The Gator Bowl is a New Years Day bowl game - so I always prefer that - playing on New Years Day on CBS (or on any other major network) is still more exposure and prestige.

DT! The rankings are out as I write this - and the coaches like us a little better than the writers. No shocker there. USA Today #24, AP (unranked, #26 in total votes). Auburn is the only other 4 loss team in the rankings.

Thanks to Spotted for the images.

DT! Forgot to mention - Coach Leach thinks we're all characters in Eraserhead or something:

"One thing I’ve always liked about this place is you’ve got the great college atmosphere, but it’s got a little bit of that NFL flavor with some characters mixed in,'' Leach said. "It’s like a college atmosphere mixed with a David Lynch movie, so it’s really pretty cool.''

DT! Also - about 50,000 lucky shirts and dresses were born last night...please be sure to wear them when Texas comes to town next year, please.

Thanks to Don Williams for those tidbits...

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Anonymous said...

Way to go, Bond. As you recall, the shot was called here. I had about one more TD on both sides (45-41), but let's not quibble. It was a nice win for Tech.

But we could see it coming: 1) Poor pass defense by OU; 2) Night game at Lubbock; 3) Stoops "feeling great" about their position; and 4) OU and Bradford not good in road games, esp. outside the state of Okie.

That being said, Tech did need some witchcraft, flasks and such to pull it off. The injury to the big stiff Bradford did not hurt, although I am not convinced he would have been a difference-maker. But Tech got some turnovers, and hey ... their D played for a while. Last week's beatdown helped here, I think. Outstanding play in the end zone to knock away the pass on 4th down when it was 34-20.

Nice running game at the end to drain the clock, too. Geez. Give a Longhorn a break, would ya. I'm trying to pull for you guys and you just make it hard.

Re: the "lucky shirts", you can wear all you want, Bond. It won't matter when J Charles and C McCoy come to to the Plains next fall.

But all is well, now. Here's wishing the Raiders well in their bowl game. And here's hoping that Pirate Mike hangs around and doesn't bolt for UCLA. He's a character, and a good coach.

B Orange