Monday, November 5, 2007

Is there a football game this weekend?

There is in fact...

Saturday 2:30 CST (Dear Congress, please rid us of "Standard Time" and let us please have more Daylight, please)

On ABC - not in HD, though.***zebbie of Flags Over Raiderland has found evidence it will be in HD - I stand corrected***

On XM 241 and Sirius 122.

The line opened with Texas a 6.5 point favorite on the road.

Here's all the UT sites I know of that are good for some UT blogging and whatnot:

Burnt Orange Nation
Gabriel's Horn (Home of 3 blogging babes - I have a tribute for you 3 later)
Barking Carnival
Horn Fans (If you like glacial page loads)
Longhorn Nation
Bevo Sports
40 Acre Sports
Longhorn Road Trip
Longhorns Illustrated (A Photo Blog)
TV Tan Line (Because Scotty is a buddy and loves his Longhorns)

Austin American Statesman All-Longhorn Page
Austin American Statesman Bevo Beat

So here's the breakdown (all data from

Total Offense 15 1
Total Defense 43 37

Rushing Defense who cares 71
Passing Defense 87 9

Rushing Offense 23 117
Passing Offense 31 1

Penalties 59 115

Turnover Margin -2 -5
(rank) 72 88

3rd Down Conver 46.85% 50%
(rank) 18 9

First Downs 233 283
(rank) 20 1

Opp's Punt Ret Av 13.21 5.77
(rank) 104 20

Passes Defended 59 48
(rank) 9 36

TOP 29:58 28:14
(rank) 58 103

It should also be noted that the last time I did something like this was just before the Mizzou game...yea me.

So some random stats I found - some of them are revealing and none of them give me any more comfort than I had before I went data mining. This Texas Tech team is so streaky that there's no telling who will or won't show up on Saturday.

So you won't catch me giving UT too hard a time this week. I think there's a bit of respect between the schools in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, as soon as I walked on the 40 acres I knew I was not going to school there - and despite some fine academic programs - it's just not my kinda place.

I think Mack Brown caught a little lightning in a bottle with Vince Young and think - despite their injuries this year - as deep as that program is - Mack has underperformed compared to their recruiting classes. But that's just me, we are used to doing more with less at Tech and openly wonder what it would be like to have the resources of a program like UT.

So that "tribute" to the girls of Gabriel's Horn - here you go ladies - a gay horn to blow on - but that's how they grow 'em in Austin, right???


Anonymous said...


I think that's a dastardly trick to post a pic of one of Tech's linebackers and photoshop a pink Horn over his.

But hey, I'll help you here. I think Tech is poised to play well this weekend. They are comfortably back toward the pack where they usually are, so they shouldn't feel any pressure. Thus, they are free to feel they have something to play for, i.e., ruining Texas's season. It's times like these that your similiarities to your Aggie cousins come out. Plus, Tech got "back on track" against Baylor last week.

Historically, though, y'all need a night game at Lubbock, with lots of flasks, bottles and tortillas on the field, etc. to pull off the upset over U.T..

You might want to brush up on your run defense this week, though. I hear Texas has been handing it to #25. Should be a fun game.

B Orange

Zebbie L. said...

I'm reading here (
that the game will be on ABC and broadcast in 720p. So maybe...just maybe...there is hope!

The Masked Wino said...

Wow. Just wow. I've been sort of dragging, but I've been jolted out of my morning doldrums thanks to your um... tribute. Thanks guys.

txhny said...

I'm speechless. (A rare occasion.)

Thanks, but... I think we're a little more known for growing them like this.

But what do I know right? ;)

Bond J. Bond said...

txhny - the fact that you want me to look at more/other attractive UT women makes me more attracted to you...

And don't sell yourself short - you're plenty smart...

zebbie - once again you have proven to be a good copy editor - you're hired - the pay sucks and I regularly take long vacations - welcome aboard.

Zebbie L. said...

I post once a week on my blog and edit once a week on yours...I think I can find time to handle both jobs quite effectively. Now we just have to hope that the game does in fact happen in HD...unless I decide to go down to Austin which I haven't totally ruled out.