Sunday, November 25, 2007

Back from the Holiday

1974 Peach Bowl
Texas Tech 6 - Vanderbilt 6

Want to impress your friends and make yourself more attractive?

Of course you do.

So I found the key -

A seriously great site dedicated to the pursuit of "Who's next in line to get the axe?"

At the blog portion of the site they give good insight to the reports that Mike Sherman may be the next Aggie HC:

Could Texas A&M actually be about to hire Mike Sherman as their new head football coach? If they are, then the people involved in this decision have a basic misunderstanding of what faces a college football coach in 2007. If A&M wanted a guy with no personality, someone not very dynamic on the recruiting trail, and a person that is totally out of sync with what being an Aggie is all about, then they could have kept on Dennis Franchione.

In Harris’ story he lists the final 3 candidates as Bob Davie, Chris Peterson, and Mike Sherman. Bob Davie? Davie was 32-25 at Notre Dame, which is a place where you have to work to not win 9 games a year. Chris Peterson? Would Chris Peterson actually consider the A&M job, or was his name just thrown into the mix to make it look like this was a thorough search. If Peterson was indeed a candidate, and would take the job, then A&M would have been hitting a home run, because he is exactly the type of guy that A&M should be hiring at this moment in time.

Then you get to the last name, Mike Sherman. Mike is a great guy, he had a nice run at Green Bay, but he has not coached in college since 1996, and that might as well be 1976 with the way the game has changed in the last 10 years.
If indeed Mike Sherman is hired at A&M, it would be fascinating to find out the reasons that he got the job, and just who inside the A&M power structure championed Sherman.

Agreed, from my perspective.

And then news from ESPN that AD Tom Osbourne would like to bring back "smash mouth football" (my words) and makes a nice little underhanded right hook at ex-coach Callahan:

Callahan junked Osborne and Solich's triple-option for the West Coast offense, and the Huskers seemed to lose their hard edge. Under Osborne and Solich, some of the most ferocious hitting occurred on the practice field. Under Callahan, practices in full pads were uncommon.

Osborne said he also wants the new coach to embrace the atmosphere, which means showing respect for the program's past, being visible and building the trust of fans and players.

"You want somebody whose word is good," Osborne said. "It's very important in recruiting that the players trust you. That what you tell them is going to happen.

"You want somebody that knows football and has a good work ethic. You want somebody that can motivate. Some people know football, but they really don't get people to play hard for them. Again, I'm not saying that's the case [with the previous staff]. But you've got to get players to play hard."

Those years as a politician have served Tom well - he's "not saying" that the previous staff was a pile of horse crap - but they sure smelled like it didn't they Tom?

No word on the Baylor job - the media in Waco have not been able to create the frenzy they were hoping for I suppose. Lord, if the hire Glen Mason and his electric iron-on teeth I'll have a lol-fest the size of the Insight Bowl.

Maybe some of you recruiting junkies can tell me if any of the recruits mentioned in this article could switch to Tech from Baylor - and if they would improve our class...

An old SWC matchup will be re-kindled at the behest of Jerry Jones and his pocketbook - I never really took the time to form an opinion about the relocation of the Aggie/Tech series to Jerryworld - it seems that the Aggies and Hawgs will bring in an extra $1 Mil or so to their already rich programs if it's on par with the agreement reached between the Kansas/Missouri Border War.

I like the idea of an extra $1 Mil for our program - and would support a non-conference game at Jerryworld - but sure would hate to see a conference rivalry moved out of Lubbock.

Thanks to EDSBS for this classic video from this weekend - this is why we need to look at a national officiating pool - for quality calls:

Tech Mens BB upset the Zags and then couldn't overcome Butler's amazing three-point shooting. I watched the Final on my DVR today - I was impressed with the talent that we have coming in these days. Coach Knight (both of them) have been able to recruit some amazing talent to Lubbock, I think we'll know more about this team in a few weeks. Right now I think we're going to be able to pull some more upsets this year.

I'll actually be in Manhattan soon - so I plan to pull a Mike Leach and drop in on "The Donald." I plan on telling him I'm a Texas Tech satirist blogger who is offended by his letter to Donna Sha-Na-Na. I'm sure I'll get right in. Maybe I'll get a call from him a few weeks later and I can invite him over for some whiskey and try to talk him into getting me a guest spot on The Apprentice.

cue announcer guy: "He's a regionally read sports blogger from Texas and has turned his back on Google Ads, he'll be gone by the second commercial break."

Back to the letter - uhhhh....Trump - you still have the check from the USFL settlement, no?

I do like that he sticks up for his friends - his habit of "I told you so" letters is tired, however.

Lastly, from Coaches Hot Seat - Mike Leach's contract. He only gets an extra 100 Gs for winning the MNC - kinda low IMO.


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