Thursday, November 15, 2007

We need more first downs - less controversy

The most controversial call of the game

Thanks to "RC" for e-mailing me this pic - and before you ask - yes, it's "that" RC - he also happens to be a big fan of Tech now that his team isn't doing so well.

In unrelated North Division news - the battle of the T-Shirt has begun:

Also in my inbox last night we received some nice comments from fellow blogosphere veterans Midwest Coast Bias. Brandon found us through Bear Meat and asked if we could link him up - so I, of course, said "we really don't like people from Nebraska - we throw expensive batteries at you people because you're bigger than we are."

Riiiight. Because that's how we Red Raiders roll. We're like....mean pirates.

So you'll find his link to the right in our Big 12 blog roll because he agreed to pay me a large sum of money. A sum so large I'll be at Starbucks this morning instead of the Speedy Stop! Because that's how I roll.

Some "new" La Ventanas showed up the other day - this pic below happens to be from the 1957 edition. The Bad Boy Baller from Borger rolled into town the year before and started showing everyone how a flat top is supposed to look - I think even the Marines took lessons.

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