Monday, December 24, 2007

Will I apologize?

When something is not a failure but a success and you call it a failure...well that may deserve an apology.

How about when you call something a failure but...


I called Brian Mayes out and he couldn't tell me the I Like Mike fund was working on spending the money charitably. He feared that it would give away the surprise of the event and I can understand that.

The I Like Mike Fund was not a failure.

While I don't regret calling Brian to the carpet and asking for a little accountability, it turns out my timing was just dreadful and now I have a bit of egg nog on my face.

No biggie. It won't be the last time that will happen I'm sure. I think Brian handled all this pretty well and so I apologize to him for being an ass.

So - to the real story at hand. The I Like Mike Fund raised about $5000 and worked with the Tech coaching staff to use that money to purchase food for the less fortunate and they distributed that food on Saturday.

"It doesn't surprise me that coach Leach would not take the money to pay his fine,'' Mayes said. "This really was always a symbolic gesture to tell coach Leach that, We appreciate your passion for the university. This is our way of showing our passion for you as a coach.' ''

Leach called today's event "a chance to enjoy the holiday season with our fans and those less fortunate than us.''

"We've got great support here,'' Leach said. "Our fans show a lot of commitment to us. We wanted to show our commitment to them, so together we're committed like the pig.''

Mayes said that he plans to keep the fund drive open and wants to use donations for other charitable purposes on an annual basis. Some of the money left over this year, he said, will be used to help send underprivileged children to a Tech game next season.

You gotta love Mike Leach getting in a poke at the commitment of the pig. That guy is a sound bite machine. You also have to love it that Coach would take time out of his busy schedule to deliver the goods himself. He could have easily asked that the money be donated to the Food Bank or to a shelter - but he got in there and went to work himself.

As other fans from rival teams come read these pages - we know this is just one example of why we fight to keep Coach Leach in Lubbock. Even with all his warts - he's a hard working guy - and a man that connects with the fans and the students personally. May he remain at Tech for a very long time.

So again - I look like the Grinch and Brian Mayes looks good - although it's clear his intent was never to trumpet his own name. I hope you continue to come back and read the blog every now and then Brian, maybe one day our paths will cross IRL and I can buy you the beverage of your choice.

Let's not forget that the real winners are a bunch of folks who got a little extra to eat over a cold Christmas weekend, and let's not forget to thank those that gave.

We here at DT! wish all of you a Merry Christmas! Please be safe out there.

(Even if you are a Big 12 official.)

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Anonymous said...

Is Leach taking food FROM the guy? Neither can sure as hell afford a haircut.