Saturday, December 8, 2007

Wes Welker and The Masked Rider

Want to read a short biography? I should note that it is a well written biography. Jim McCabe of the Boston Globe brings us a great story about Wes and his rise to prominence and nationwide man-crush status (Link to NY Times blogger Mark St. Amant).

I should also note that it's a bit long - so grab a beverage and enjoy.

Yes Welker

Oh Wes, we knew you when.

My favorite bit of McCabe's article:

In his four years at Heritage Hall, Welker had scored 90 touchdowns in an assortment of ways - 53 on the ground, 27 on passes, 7 on punt returns, and 3 on interceptions. For good measure he had added 35 field goals, 165 extra-point kicks, and four 2-point conversions. Use your fingers, toes, and calculator, and you'll get 818 points in 49 games, an average of 16.7 per. Oh, and by the way, as a defensive back he made 190 tackles, had 22 interceptions, and 9 fumble recoveries.

Is that all?

Now - about the Masked Rider...

Kevin Burns happens to be Seth's man-crush at the moment - and he may have already commented on this in my absence...

Kevin Burns "Sanctioned" by Masked Rider Advisory Committee...

For those that haven't been keeping up - years ago this same committee deemed it unsafe to ride across the Jones at full tilt with the reins in your mouth and not in your hands. I can understand that. Last thing we want is to lose a Masked Rider. I get the felling Kevin's a better horseman than that though.

I think Kevin's legend grows as his mustache does. Anyone that saw him on national TV busting tail across the field with his guns up - well that was just awesome.

The man in the black hat...the lawman who breaks all the rules and steals all the ladies hearts...

Kevin Burns is trouble.

"Tell them I'm comin'! And Hell's comin' with me! You hear?!? Hells' comin' with me!"

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