Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Everybody's All American

I couldn't keep track of all of these different teams - I hope these links and a special spreadsheet I put together help out...

AP also notes in their press release:

The last freshman to be an AP All-American was Oklahoma running back Adrian Peterson in 2004.

Sporting News



Walter Camp

Because I'm a visual learner - I created this document for you - hope it helps you sort through the maze of All American Teams and the rare company that Michael Crabtree has joined this year.

Only seven players made all five All-American first teams. While I have no idea about this from a historical perspective - it is nonetheless an incredible achievement. When you look over the list you'll see some players that were omitted from only one list (Matt Ryan instead of Tim Tebow say the Coaches Association......really?) and so can't make the claim to be on all 5 lists.

Some players only made one list - but clearly are incredible players - I think Xavier Adibi is amazing and yet can't believe he's only made one First Team...

Thanks to Seth for showing me that Google Documents is cool and easy...

EDIT: Reader noted that Sedrick Ellis of USC was named to all 5 teams as well - I need an editor...Thanks for the fix.


Anonymous said...

Glad to help, and I've only recently discovered how great Google documents are.

I was curious, and I think I may take some time this weekend, to figure out how many other Texas Tech footballers have had this honor before Mr. Crabtree, if any. Initial guesses would be Zach Thomas, Donny Anderson and E.J. Holub.

Seth C @ Double-T Nation

Anonymous said...

Maybe a mistake, but I believe you forgot to highlight Sedrick Ellis from USC who was on ever list.