Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'll be there

So you know - Bond J Bond/Aphrodisiac Jackson will be in the LBK for "the" game.

First game I've attended in Lubbock (that's a qualifier because I've been to a few bowl games) since I GRADUATED! Holy crap that's a long time.

Bought the tickets before the season started (thank you Red Raider Club) because I also have a family function on Friday night...I had no idea that the value of my tickets would appreciate FAR faster than any stock I've ever owned...geez.

The Head Coach was on Dan Patrick's radio program today, by the way...pretty awesome interview.

So if you see a great lookin' drunk white guy wearing a black T-Shirt that says "Texas Tech" emblazoned across the front - well - that could be me!

Gotta go pack - see you soon, fellas...


scotty said...

Red Knight Going Down…Down, Down, Down

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on Tech's big win.