Thursday, October 9, 2008

5th and inches - Week 7

I own this blog, apparently. Sorry for no update last week. Had real stuff to do for a change.


43-25-1 now ATS...65-18 SU. Here we go.



Clemson (ESPN HD) @ #21 Wake Forest (3) - The Oregon State on Thursday night show is finally over after 2 weeks and we're back in the ACC. Clemson is definitely one of the bigger disappointments of the year thus far, despite the fact that they wear purple pants. Wake, meanwhile, followed up a big win at Florida State with an egg against Navy, ruining a perfect season. Clemson's won the last 4 in this series, but I've got a couple of trends that go 23-7 in Wake's favor tonight. And since that's really all I know about it, I'm going with it. Wake...30-24.


Nebraska (FSN HD) @ #7 Texas Tech (21) - Ya know, I've been to Tech/Nebraska games in Lubbock where there was a 21-point line. Only it was the other way around. My how times have changed. The Huskerdoodles are fresh off a pounding at home by Mizzou, Tech fresh off a road pasting of KState. The last time the Kids in the Corn visited Lubbock, they left with the worst loss in school history at 70-10. But I've seen Nebraska come south and play well, and I expect Tech to win here, but I suspect it won't cover the number. Tech...38-20.

#5 Texas (ABC) @ #1 Oklahoma (7) - Easily the game of the day...I even think College Gameday will be at the Fair for the 11A kickoff....which is a terrible time slot, by the way. With an 11A kick, the pregame on Austin radio starts at 11:30 Friday night. The newly revamped Cotton Bowl will be rockin' and it should be a helluva game. As for the game itself...OU has blitzkrieged each opponent thus far with their no-huddle offense. Texas has started pretty well, too, but for each, it will be the best opponent to date. With Colt McCoy being the leading rusher for Texas, I don't think that bodes well in this one. OU...31-21.

#17 OK State (ESPN2 HD) @ #3 Mizzou (13') - The Cowboys go north to Columbia, where teams have really struggled in recent years. I think this one's alot closer than the Vegas boys wanna tout it. OSU can move the ball, probably better than anyone Mizzou has seen yet. There's still questions about Mizzou's defense, though I think they'll be fine. Still, should be entertaining and close in the 4th....but I like the Tigers at home...Mizzou...34-26.

Kansas State (3') @ Texas A&M - Could be a real arrival moment for one coach, well...forget that. Sherman's going to take his lumps this year at A&M, there's no doubt. Ron Prince, meanwhile, should KState lose this one, I think he's a definite candidate for "For Sale" signs in his OFFICE come Monday morning. Somehow...I'll take the Aggies...A&M...27-26.

Colorado (ESPN2 HD) @ #14 Kansas (14) - A week from scraping by Iowa State, Colorado comes in licking its wounds...assuming buffalo do that sorta thing...after Texas came calling. KU has kinda followed the road many thought they might, coming back down to earth a little after last year's BCS run. But I think they're still better than Colorado...but I don't know about 14. Kansas....28-23.

Iowa State (FCS Central) @ Baylor (4) - The Bears are playing well in spurts, as are the Cyclones. That kinda thing usually goes over better at home. Baylor...31-24.

Notre Dame (ABC/ESPN) @ #22 North Carolina (7) - One guy for Carolina blocked 3 punts last Saturday and should have had 4. That doesn't have anything to do with this weekend, but you just don't see that too often. Hard to really like either one here, because the 'Heels offense did nothing last week, and Notre Dame outlasted Stanford...again. I'll take Carolina to win, but not by much. UNC...19-16.

#4 LSU (CBS HD) @ #11 Florida (4) - Another great one in the SEC...there's even been trash talk this week from the LSU side. I'm smelling a wild finish in this one and it's really too close to call. Florida...23-21.

Tennessee (CBS HD) @ #10 Georgia (13) - Georgia healed up for a week after getting blasted by 'Bama...Tennessee feasted on Northern Illinois. If, by feasting, one's talking about getting fat on Jenny Craig. Tennesse outlasted Northern Illinois, in Knoxville, 13-9. That's not a good setup for going to Georgia. Georgia...28-10.

Eastern Michigan (ESPN Classic) @ Army (1') - Army appears to have found something, with a tough loss at A&M and a blowout win over heavily favored Tulane. Army...30-20.

Tulsa (25) @ SMU - There will be lots of the forward passing of the footballs in Dallas Saturday. Tulsa...52-24.

Central Florida (ESPNU HD) @ Miami (15) - 2 tough losses in a row for Miami. Miami...27-17.

Michigan State (3) @ Northwestern (ESPN2 HD) - Did y'all know Northwestern is 5-0? Northwestern...24-20.

#6 Penn State (5) @ Wisconsin (ESPN HD) - Not sure why, but I think Wisconsin comes back tough after the Ohio State loss. Penn State...24-21.

Arkansas @ Auburn (18) - I'm sure this is on the MizLou network or something like that, but I can't find it. Lines are hard to find on this game because Auburn fired its offensive coordinator this week, 6 games into his tenure there. Tough to cover almost 3 TDs when you do something like that. Auburn...27-13.

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