Monday, October 27, 2008

a few thoughts from a fan

I've waited 35 years for Saturday night.

To put that in a little perspective...

I only had to wait 22 years to meet the woman I would marry and have a child with.

I'm pretty sure there's a large group of folks that can say they've waited a hell of a lot longer for their spouse and for this weekend's football dream matchup. So let's just say that this weekend is big. Really big.

If Tech were somehow to lose the game, I just want all of y'all to remember that the season isn't over - that group of guys has more than delivered for us already this year.

Enough of that negative talk, though...

I'm comforted that the Austin sports radio stations and national media have revealed unintentionally that they haven't watched a single Tech Football game this season. Because this team is different, so all of those folks who keep spouting off the same old Tech cliche's (no running game, no defense, weak schedule, gimmick offense, system quarterback, treeless sand dune landscape, etc etc) are only making themselves to look ignorant to the truth.

Regarding the Defense:

Spare me your "Tech is only the 58th best defense in the country" because I'll note that UT is ranked #44 and gives up only 12 yards less per game than does TTU. Please.

Tech is 10th in turnover margin @ +9 (So is OU - see how that helped them in their big game against the Longhorns?)

Tech is 21st in 3rd down conversions allowed - only allowing 32%, Texas is WAY down the list at 47th - but only allow 36%.

Pass defenses between the two units are slight as well, btw - UT allows 265 ypg via the air and Tech 245 ypg.

Texas is so AWESOME on the ground! 183 ypg! Let me tell you what - you'd better be - if you're not going to throw the ball as much as Tech is - you'd better run the ball well - in fact, I'd venture to guess you'd want more than a 45 yard per game average on the ground (Tech runs at 138 ypg).

So spare me your weak stats comparisons - the differences are slight at best.

Coming into the season Tech fans were hungry to play UT because "this could be the year" we could beat them. After all, they had to come to our place and in the preseason even UT was worried about their young secondary and a lack of a pure RB. And so, of course, UT is ranked #1 in the country.... lol ... once again, college football demonstrates its singular awesomeness through its sheer lack of predictability.

Tech is not at all unlike the black sheep of the big state university systems (although the U of H system would quickly disagree). And so having ESPN College Gameday come to Lubbock is not at all unlike having the Griswolds come to Cousin Eddie's for the holidays.

Except that we live in a pretty nice subdivision - and we're going to get to show off our version of how the other side lives on Saturday.

We hope you enjoy our company this weekend, we'll likely only remember parts of your visit. But I can assure you we'll remember the part where we light up the Christmas Tree with TDs.

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Anonymous said...

There are lies, damned lies, and then statistics. Texas has better statistical rankings nationally than Tech despite having already played teams CURRENTLY ranked #4, #9, and #14. Who has Tech played so far?