Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Okay, Okay, Okay....

An e-mail from Scotty at TVTanLine makes about the 5th e-mail in as many days that I have received that range along the lines of:

"What the hell is going on over there?"
"Where are you?"
"We miss you!"
"I want to have your baby."

Well, at least 3 of those are true.

So here's the parts of the story I'm willing to share...

I have a daughter with Autism. In addition to that she has some other health concerns that make a routine day - well - less than routine. Of late, there have been some tough decisions to make around here and like I was telling Scotty, things that I do for free - and in my free time - have simply dropped off the radar screen.

Added to all of that is the fact that I'm just not as big a college basketball fan as I used to be, and by comparison where 10 is my interest in Tech Football - interest in Tech Basketball is probably a 4. Oh I'm sure that if we were fielding a competitive team in conference I may find time to blog about it a little - but our .500 record sure hasn't made me even the tiniest bit more motivated.

The blog is certainly not dead - I would continue to post pictures here of hawt Tech co-eds if anyone were to e-mail them to me - and I hope one day to be more proficient.

Hang in there - and be blessed by your healthy children - and pray for those kids who aren't so healthy - especially for their parents.

I appreciate all those who have e-mailed - some of you have caught me on bad days - and I'm sure you know who you are - and some have caught me on better days - I do appreciate that folks even care about our little corner of the web...

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